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9mm Luger (9x19mm) 90 gr +P JHP Corbon Ammo (20 rds)

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Corbon 9mm 90gr +P Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition made its reputation with "high velocity" loads. This high velocity, combined with exclusively designed, jacketed hollow point bullets, makes for a very effective self-defensive load. Penetration and expansion in test medium of 10% ballistic gelatin are excellent; expansion is consistently 2 times the original diameter of the bullet.

| 9mm 90gr +P | JHP Hollow Point | 1500 FPS | 450 ft-lbs |

CorBon 9MM + 90gr, 115gr and 125gr

CorBon 9MM +P 90gr, 115gr and 125gr

CorBon is the leader in high velocity ammunition, generating maximum performance from every loading. CorBon is proud of this reputation and is willing to put that velocity right on the box. These are real velocities, from real guns - not just test barrels. Every company has to have a niche in the marketplace. Peter Pi, the founder of CorBon, decided that someone had to be the best and built his company around that idea.


The faster a bullet is traveling, the more energy created. Energy developed at the muzzle must be transferred or "dumped" into the target to be effective. Energy transfer is aided by bullet expansion. The higher the velocity, the more rapidly the expansion - the more rapid the expansion, the more effectively the energy is expended in the target. This explosive expansion dumps the available energy quickly, creating tremendous shocking power and causing the perpetrator to cease doing further harm, thus STOPPING POWER. Stopping power means safety.


There continues to be a misconception that a heavier bullet somehow has more energy and that a long deep wound channel is necessary. That may be true in a hunting bullet, but in close quarters combat, the trade of less weight and added velocity is a positive increase in energy. Energy is energy and if effectively transferred into the target - it does not matter whether it is energy from a 9mm or a .45 ACP.


CorBon ammunition is tested against common barriers. When shot through four layers of heavy material, (including leather) the CorBon bullets retain adequate velocity to reliably expand. Tests against windshield glass and car doors proved that the high velocity CorBon bullets did not deflect from their intended path and still expanded well into a gelatin medium. Car doors and windshields are no barriers to CorBon high velocity ammunition.



Bullet Wt.




90gr JHP




115gr JHP




125gr JHP




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Good stuff 08/19/2015
By gn
Quality was as expected for this producer. Flawless feeding. Will get more soon.