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We're happy (4/5) Sep 1, 2008 Eastern Shore Service Rifle Team
  This bulk 223 remington ammo gives our club 1.5 MOA in Rock River match ARs, which is nearly equal to our tuned Varget handloads using the GI SSI09 bullet and much more accurate than the issue M855 from Lake City we tested along with it. Velocity chronos at 2970 fps out of our 20" barrels. Haven't reloaded the brass yet but it looks like good quality cases for reloading as well. We're happy!
jpfeiffer4 (5/5) May 7, 2008 James H Pfeiffer KYLE TX US
  Premimum bulk 223 remington ammo at a discount price. I am not a marksman, sniper, or current operator. I am a retired grunt who prefers to keep his qualifications on the leading edge. The armory has provided me with quality ammo since my seperation from the military. This ammo is first grade. Meets mil. spec and in my opion exceeds it. Shoots straight, flat, and clean. At $.00.35 cents a round delivered you can't beat it. Out of a Bushy 16" at 50 yards it is effective, and out of a 24" RR Varmint @ 200 yards it's within 5 inches. Good ammo, judge for yourself

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