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New Owner (5/5) Oct 20, 2006 Jim Pletcher
  Handles like a Glock, grouping at 50 ft is in a 2" circle. Very well ballanced, comfortable grip.
Site very accurate, easy to adjust.
Two Tone fun gun (5/5) Mar 13, 2007 Joe Dado Latrobe PA US
  I recently purchased the two tone mosquito. Unlike some other buyers, my version had no problems feeding CCI mini-mags and Remington Goldens. Trigger has some creep, but I already have a High Standard Victor for target and was looking for a plinker. I found it with the mosquito and am glad I chose it over the Walther 220, which I found a bit on small side for my liking.
Puzzling (3/5) Mar 11, 2013 John Cassidy Novi MI US
  Have two Mosquitos, one for me and one for my daughter. Still in break-in period for both, trying all sorts of ammo. All high velocity or hyperV. So far, the Remington golden 40gr are the winners. Almost zero issues. For the heck of it, tried 2 clips of 40gr Thunderbolts yesterday. Expected problems, and not one misfire or ejection issue. CCI 36gr HP not perfect by any means. About one in ten don't eject or reload to the chamber properly. Got some CCI Velocitors coming next week. Maybe the 40gr bullet is key. Biggest problems? Surprising, but Winchester SuperX HyperV 40gr HP. Can't get three in a row to fire. Switching clips, alternating bullets, etc. in both guns to see what works best. These things are really a puzzle, but when they work they are really fun to shoot.
Don't fear the Mosquito (5/5) May 6, 2009 John Messer Simpsonville SC US
  I purchased a Mosquito a few weeks ago and have put about 350 rounds through it so far. I've had no problems except when I tried to use CCI Stingers, which it hated and ftf or fte about half the time. It loves Federal Gold Medal Premium and CCI Minimags. I clean after every firing and it's very easy to strip and clean. Very fun to shoot and glad I made the purchase
Feels Right (5/5) Dec 22, 2009 Johnny Munk Woodland Hills CA US
  I just purchased a Sig Mosquito,and I pick it up in a week.CA gun laws you have to wait ten days before pick up.The mosquito fit my hand perfect and I like everything about it so far.When I pick it up and go to the gun range .I will write a new review.I hope its all good and 5 stars!!!!
question (3/5) Aug 30, 2011 josh wennebrg Clovis Ne US
  I have read most of the reviews and i havent found one that has said anything about the supressor that comes with it for this special can anyone shed some light on that...

i.e. tactical innovations TAC-65 silencer
My Sig Mosquito (5/5) Feb 15, 2011 KetchupHammer CA
  My first gun, and so far I have put about 1700 rounds through it. CCI mini mags are the way to go for this gun. Tried a box of remingtom 333 and still have about 250 left as this gun doesn't like them at all.FTF, FTE etc. Did find a decent, cheaper alternative in Federal Champions(blue/black box). The bullet weight and muzz velocity (36gr/1260fps) are the same and I have had hardly any problems with them. Also came with one metal mag and one plastic(?). My model is a sport version and as such has the extension set screwed on the barrel. This seems like not such a good idea and does actually loosen up when firing but it does not seem to affect the accuracy or function of the gun at all. All in all a fun gun to shoot and I have brought my wife and 12 yr old daughter to shoot with me and it fits their hands very well. Lotsa fun or great for practice. sooner or later I will upgrade to something with a larger caliber and I'm thinking it will be a Sig.
Kirk (5/5) Jul 17, 2009 Kirk Ramsing Albuquerque Ne US
  Great little handgun. I also have a Walther P-22, but so far the Sig Sauer shoots tighter groups and is is not as loud as the Walther. The takedown of the Mosquito is easier than the Walther counterpart. In my opinion, the Mosquito is better built than the P-22, but don't get me wrong, the P-22 is a fine handgun also. I carry a Glock 21 for defense purposes, and also carry the p-22 as a backup because of it's ultra compact size. I train with the Mosquito because of ammo affordability and availability issues.
Great 'Little' Pistol (4/5) Dec 4, 2009 Nikolaus M. Albuquerque Ne US
Sig Sauer Mosquito (4/5) May 17, 2009 Richard Cole Chesapeake Vi US
  After my USMC son bougt his Mosquito at a big retailer, choosing it after first holding the S&W P22, I loved it. Love the gun. Shoots CCI minimags well, no misfeeds, didn't like the CCI Stingers, or just about anything else I had on hand, including Rem Thunderbolt and some cheap Federals. Won't outshoot the Ruger 22/45 or the Super Single Six my brother owns as far as accuracy, but even he loves the feel and the ease of cleaning. His Thai wife likes the grip of the Mosquito better than the 22/45 since her hands are small.

My police officer son also loves the Mosquito is is considering buying one as well.

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