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b4570 (5/5) Aug 15, 2014 Bradford Houze pima AZ US
  gun is very underrated. even if i buy another i,ll keep this one. does everything just the way it should and very accurate.
Can't go wrong (5/5) Nov 18, 2006 Terry Pierson syracuse Ne US
  The Oly Plinker is a great Rifle.It shoots as well or better than all of my guns.
After firing at least 2000 rounds,I have never had even one problem.Also very accurate rite out of the box,I did not even have to zero the sites.I belong to a group of AR 15 shooters at my gun range,all with a lot of different makes and models of the little black rifle.All who have seen the plinker in action agree it's a great deal.
Don't let the name Plinker fool you,This is a lot of BANG for your buck!
Customized Plinker Plus (5/5) Dec 5, 2009 Jim Williams Washington We US
  I purchased this base model Olympic Arms Plinker Plus AR-15 with the intent of adding some furniture to make it like I want it. I added a pick rail forearm, houge grip, CAA stock with adjustable cheek piece, harris bi-pod, and I had the upper switched out with an Olympic flat top. I also have two sets of optics that I switch back and forth a 2.5x10 target and a red dot scope. I did nothing with the trigger, barrel or any other major parts, mostly cosmetic. I could not believe how well this thing shoots. I have shot Remington, Hornady, Lake City, Federal, and hand loads ranging from 55 grain to 62 grain with no problems what so ever. I have ran roughly 1500 rounds of ammo through my Customized Pliner Plus and have never had one failure. My Plinker Plus will consistantly shoot sub MOA groups out at 200 yards. Most of my friends have Bushmasters, S&W's, and Remington R-15's but all of them love my Olympic had have more than once offered to buy or trade. Do not let the price fool you, Olympic is one of the few true AR-15 manufacturers and most others only purchase parts and assemble them with their name added to the rifle. Olympic has the best warranty available (Full $$ back 60 Day, and Full Lifetime). The fit and finish out of the box was excellant with no rattle between upper and lower. Most other AR-15's that I have been around sound like a baby toy when you shake them. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase and my next AR will also be an Olymopic.
Durable (5/5) Dec 1, 2008 Phil Knowles Eagan MN US
  I've had this rifle for over 8 years and have had it misfire only a couple of times. Why? defective mags. Wolf ammo shoots well in it, as well as 5.56.
Great bargain (4/5) Aug 15, 2006 Stevie Portland Or US
  The Olympic Arms Plinker Plus AR-15 is hands down the best value to be found in an AR-15. It is the AR-15 that Colt, Bushmaster, DPMS and others don't want you to know about! (Those are all fine rifles, but in my opinion not as good of a value.) While the Plinker Plus does not have all the features of more expensive AR-15's, it also doesn't have the price tag of those weapons. And as far as function and reliability are concerned, the Plinker Plus goes "Bang" everytime...which is exactly what you want and need it to do. The build quality on these is also surprisingly good. And accuracy is typical AR-15 too, which is to say that once it's sighted in, it is very accurate.

Yes, there are other AR-15's out there that do certain things better, and yes, there are other AR-15's out there that come with more bragging rights. But as far as value goes ("value" being defined as the best possible combination of price, performance and overall quality), the Oly Arms Plinker Plus is quite possibly the best value to be found in a new AR-15.

The only people I've seen who don't like this rifle are the "gun snobs". "Gun snobs" are people who think that if a firearm doesn't have a high price tag, it CAN'T be very good. While there may have been a time in the past when such a philosophy made sense, these days, the idea that a gun has to be expensive to be good is absolutely ridiculous. Gun snobs, and in particular AR-15 gun snobs (who are some of the worst), simply refuse to accept the fact that this under-$600 AR-15 is indeed a very good and very capable rifle.

If you're looking for a fun, reliable, accurate and versatile AR-15 that can be used for plinking, small game hunting or homeland defense, look no further. The Oly Arms Plinker Plus will do all that, for hundreds less than the competition.
Great Entry Level AR15 (5/5) Mar 23, 2010 Don Henderson Pensacola FL US
  I purchased the Plinker Plus Carbine and love it. I wanted a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) rifle & iconic look. I love the fact the upper is really a A-2 (Brass deflector & F.A.(forward assist) with A-1 sights. Unless you plan to shoot outside of 200 yrds with iron sights, don't worry about A-2 sights. It's Just one more thing to break IMHO. You can mount a scope on the carry handle with fair results. I put 300 plus rounds in mine the first day out and no FTF or malfunctions ever. The fit between the upper and lower are very snug and match perfectly. The finish is nice and the machine work is perfect quality. My trigger is smooth, and breaks cleanly for a stock trigger. A-2 stock is your standard equipment, but can be changed out to anything you desire. I could almost cover my groups with a quarter shooting @ 50yds. The standard barrels are match grade and it shows. Olympic Arms is the second oldest manufacture of AR's and makes all parts in house. I'm very pleased with my Plinker Plus and suggest reading up on them at site. Olympic Arms Owners Association and hear from actual owners. So if your want kiss and quality @ the best price? It's hard to beat this black rifle.
i love my plinker (5/5) Jan 13, 2008 Anonymous
  A great rifle, affordable, accurate , and reliable.
You're well armed with a 'plinker'.
Love it (5/5) Mar 4, 2008 Jonathan Burlington No US
  Just got my plinker plus today and went out and fired 60 rounds through it no problems its a high quality rifle for a great price. also the damn thing is loud as hell.
New Plinker Plus (3/5) Apr 10, 2011 Jon Valentine Safety Harbor Fl US
  I am picking up my first Plinker tomorrow. The good reviews helped me make my decision to purchase. I am tired of the gun snobs out there who only like Colts or 45 ACP rounds and whatever. I have seen an out of the box High Point 45 ACP out shoot a custom 1911. I am also tired of the snobs who think the 45 ACP is the only round and that a 22 lr will just 'piss off' the attacker. I just wonder how 'pissed off' these snobs would be if someone dumped ten rounds of 22 LR into them. At times I carry a 22 semi auto hand gun and feel fine with it as a defensive weapon..I am not in combat for pete sake.
Olympic arms Plinker (5/5) Nov 8, 2006 Brian Watson Semmes AL US
  The Best budget AR-15 on the market. 100% reliable,affordable,dependable.Can't say enough good things about it. I went shooting with my brother last weekend. He had his AK-47 and was bad mouthing my plastic AR. After a 6 shots his AK went down. Broken striker. He blamed the ammo. My Plinker ate it up and never skipped a beat. Awesome rifle.

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