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reliable (5/5) Dec 20, 2010 matt gilbert az US
  owned eclipse custom11 since 2004. allways use wilson mags, added np3 and 18.5 var. spring w/shock buff. 1000's of rounds and goes bang EVERY time!
awsome gun (5/5) Jul 20, 2010 Don Indianapolis IN US
  Got one 2 years ago.Best gun i have ever owned hands down. If they came with a mag well it would be perfection. This gun shoots great!
  I got my hands on a Custom ll and I LOVE IT ! The best feeling , shooting 1911 I have ever shot straight out of the box. If you can get your hands on one you will be very satisfied! I agree BEST ON THE PLANET !!!!!
Texas John (5/5) Dec 15, 2009 Anonymous Houston TX
  This is a well made firearm with great ergonomics and performance. I have never owned a .45 before but have shot a number of 1911s, and can very enthusiastically recommend the Kimber Eclipse Target II. The recoil is surprisingly light (due in part to the weight of the gun 3lbs) and after my first 50 rounds went through I started shooting holes in the target that looked like the carnival game where you shoot out the star with a BB gun -- the middle of the target completely disappeared. The factory set sights were a little low, but easy to adjust. I'm not wild about the Meprolite night sights but they are visible in complete darkness, although I just don't think they are as well made as the rest of the gun's components. For that matter the gun itself, which is stainless, doesn't flash too much at night if you didn't want it to be seen for some reason. When you strip it down, you really see how tightly made it is. No slop, no rattles, nothing sticks. The first time I took it apart, I lost the spring cap which went flying at high velocity into a laundry basket and had me looking for a few hours. The only problem I ever had was a squib from some junk russian ammo I bought at a gun range -- I should have known better. It lodged at the start of the rifling out of the chamber, and was easy enough to tap out. It ruined my day, but after careful visual inspection, the barrel shows zero damage and my baby is just fine. Because it squibbed close to the chamber, the mag wouldn't feed -- had it got stuck halfway in I might have blown my hand off, thanks Kimber! For the look, heft, grip, tight machining and accuracy in a .45 I don't think it gets much better than this out of the box. Buy good ammo and you shouldn't have any problems with it. It looks like a jewel!
KIMBER ECLIPSE 2 CUSTOM (5/5) Mar 11, 2009 chris las vegas nm US
  THE ABSOLUTE BEST 1911 GUN IN THE PLANET the kimber eclipse custom 2 five inch rules,its right on,recoil is a thing of the past,due to the stainless steel body and frame,night sights are great,oh,yeah,best looking gun out there, IT JUST RULES
NICE!! (5/5) Apr 25, 2007 Bill Monroe Greenville NC US
  This is the second Kimber 1911 I have owned. I will be looking at more! Nicely fit, solid gun. No rattles and slop. I guess that's what makes it a Kimber. Very accurate, even with cheap ammo. The only thing I do not like about a Kimber is the price, but we know the saying, "You get what you paid for"!
I paid and I am more than happy with my Kimbers. Can't seem to want anything else as far as a pistol goes.
Love my Kimbers (5/5) Feb 13, 2007 Frank Tyler Jacksonville FL US
  I own two, the Eclipse Custom II and Tactical Custom II... both are jamb free, solid shooters. I would recommend anyone looking at auto pistols seriously consider the Kimber 1911 as first choice!
Nite Rider (5/5) Nov 19, 2005 Don Wyman CAMERON PARK CA US
  I've had an Eclipse Target II since their introduction and literally love this gun. This is my first .45 auto. Fit and finish are outstanding. Seems to take just about anything I throw at it in reloads. After a thousand rounds of comercial ammunition not a single missfire or problem. And, on top of all this the gun is capable of sub 2" average groups at 25 yards. I can easily drop 5 shots in less than 1" at 25 yards on a good day.

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