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Exceptional (5/5) Sep 5, 2007 Anonymous
  This is the only handgun I own and what I carry. I have a friend that went with me to the range and let me shoot the many handguns that he has, including his Kimber Ultra CDP II. When I shot the Kimber, I completely forgot about the rest and knew it was for me. Very very accurate and quality piece. I went and bought one that day.
Decent 1911 (5/5) Dec 3, 2007 marc montti torrance ca US
  i recently bought this 1911, and put about 100 ball rounds through it; no misfeeds, no failure to eject everything went great. then i tested the remingington golden saber 230g hollow point rounds and had no problems. but when i tried the winchester Ranger LE 230g +p hollowpoint rounds i had failure to eject every 4 rounds and i slide would freeze open occationally with the mag loaded. Keep in mind this peticular 1911 is ment to be used with ball ammo. also i still have to put about 100 rounds through it before it's completly broken in. and the aluminum frame is extremly prone to scratches mine has got a few light scratchs and im very careful with it. In conclusion, this is a beautiful 1911 and would recommend it to people who are going to use it in a relatively clean environment but for me id rather put my life on something more rugged and reliable with all ammo. its the last aluminum frame firearm i will buy.
dang (5/5) Aug 30, 2006 narot. warsaw In US
  I have shot a lot of Kimber 45 auto 1911 pistols, but The only one I own is this one. I love it and its easy to shot with a smooth trigger. very accurate.
MSR (5/5) Aug 22, 2007 MSR Bedford In US
  I've owned this gun for about 2 years now, it's the best handgun I've ever purchased. I would guess I've put 10,000 rounds though it with no problems what so ever.
CDP II (5/5) Dec 14, 2009 Donnie Bunch Glasgow Ke US
  Owned my CDP II two years now with no problems even when shooting a variety of ammo.I use Kimpro mags and this gun is very accurate 20-25 yds.
Best 1911 Ever (5/5) May 6, 2009 J. Millette Manhattan KS US
  I've owned my Custom CDPII for a year and put over 1000 rds through it with absolutely no problems. Straightest shooting, most naturally aiming autoloader I've ever shot. Love it. Everyone should have one.
Sweet! (5/5) Oct 21, 2006 Mr Anonymous Detroit MI US
  1 month, 800 rounds, no worries, a pleasure. Wish I could afford a few more!
awsome (5/5) Feb 19, 2006 Micheal D Wiles II galloway OH US
  I own a SA 1911 and the Kimber custom CDP 45 auto 1911 is without a doubt the finest firearm I HAVE EVER Shot.. I would love to own one; How about making up something so you send me one for being very loyal.
OUTSTANDING!!! (5/5) Apr 7, 2011 Michael Klein North Wales PA US
  I have had my ULTRA CDP II for about two months at the time of this review. After 500 rounds, I can truly say that I have not had a single FTF or FTE whatsoever. This has become my carry piece, and it gives me complete peace of mind. In my opinion, this is one of the very best 1911 configurations available. I would highly recommend this hand gun to anyone who is looking for complete reliability, not to mention great looks. AWESOME JOB FROM KIMBER!!!
Staff Sergeant Jacobs US ARMY (5/5) Feb 4, 2011 Matthew Jacobs Fort Hood te US
  Got this as a gift when I returned from Iraq. By far the best pistol i have ever shot! Never fails me at the range. Just wish they issued the full sized edition to us grunts while we are in need of dependable protection in combat.

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