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Never Happier (5/5) Mar 7, 2011 Matt Chester VA US
  Complete satisfaction with fit, finish and accuracy.
Stainless II (5/5) Apr 18, 2010 HANNAH Madison Te US
  I own several different handguns and I must say that I finally have one that has fulfilled all the desires I have in a pistol. First let me say that after years of Glocks and other "polyplastic" guns the Kimber Stainless II is a HUNK of all stainless and it makes them feel like TOYS. It took a little to get used to at first, but now I feel like I'm carrying a REAL gun. Second, it's without a doubt the most accurate pistol I have ever fired. Third, it does the most important thing a handgun can do "BOOM!!,BOOM!!,BOOM!!" EVERYTIME you pull the trigger and it does it FLAWLESSLY.Simply worth every penny.
1sg (5/5) Mar 14, 2010 bigwilliecorvettes lacey wa US
  great gun, tight groups, eats any type of ammo without jams. nicely contstructed, easy to use controls
AWSOME!!! (5/5) Aug 19, 2009 Kenny
  This is a GREAT gun! Just got it and put a couple hundred rounds threw it already and no problems at all, not even with junk ammo during the break in period. No problems with ordering either, everything was very easy!
THE 1911 (5/5) Dec 1, 2008 Anonymous
  You cannot miss with this gun! It shoots its self! If you are a good shooter it will turn you into a great shooter! Highly recommended! I have owned 3 Glocks but this weapon by far outperforms them in every turn!
Outstanding! (5/5) Aug 18, 2008 Dave Yorktown VA US
  This pistol is everything I have been looking for... extremely accurate, very well made, dependable and fun to shoot. The Kimber 1911 in my experience is one of the the best semi-autos out there. And as always the staff at the Armory was proffesional, courteous and freindly.
Best 1911 (5/5) Jul 14, 2008 GT Morin Hollis NH US
  Love the kimber custom 2, shot 200 rounds in 1/2 hour right out of the box (cleaned barrrel and lube job first)//works flawless and very accurate..already have the night sights ordered and some other accesories..great gun for the price and quality!!
Excellence (5/5) Aug 5, 2007 Christopher G. Yap Homestead Fl US
  The Kimber Custom II is an outstandingly accurate pistol right out of the box. I encountered one problem though, it seemed to be ammo sensitive. I fixed this minor problem by polishing the feed ramps and it now feeds flawlessly. In my humble opinion, there is no other 1911 .45 ACP on the market with an MSRP of $750 - $800 that comes with so many standard custom features and high quality craftsmanship. You get the biggest bang for your buck with the Kimber Custom II. I have a choice and I chose Kimber! #1 in my book.
Par Excelance (5/5) Mar 25, 2007 Anonymous Vi US
  Without doubt the finest production (or even custom) .45 that i have ever had the pleasure to have shot. Thank you Kimber!!!!!!!!!
great firearm (5/5) Sep 4, 2006 wallace laurel ms US
  i have only had this Kimber 45 auto 1911 handgun for a short time, but have fired several hundred rounds of 45 ammo and it has been flawless, i have always owned glocks, but this gun right out of the box shoots very well, and with a few addons, this is the perfect wepon.

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