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Have questions? Here are answers..

Post by RickL » Sun Jan 09, 2005 10:24 pm

Suppressors are legal in Virginia.

Transfer tax is $200.

Wait is usually 3 to 6 months, but can be longer.

We recommend suppressors from SWR, Gem-tech and AAC. We will, of course, be pleased to order anything you like.

With the 1994 Crime Bill behind us, I expect rifle suppressors to experience a renewal in development.

Now, onto products..

Personally, I feel that SWR makes the best 9mm can for my money, especially if you are looking to suppress a Glock or something else with the same lockup system. The GSG9K and K2 are very nice and quiet. SWR says 40db reduction dry, and I believe them. Firing it at ranges always brings people to ask if it is a .22!

I don't have any particular likes for rifle, though I do enjoy my Gem-Tech TPR-S in .308. I've also shot the AWC .30 Cal can and was impressed.

I'd like to get a few different .223 cans for testing; I am specially intriguded by Gem-Tech's HALO system.

.22 Cans: Yikes! So many. I think I will let Dan comment here - I have yet to buy a .22 can.


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