ammo supply drying up???

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ammo supply drying up???

Post by BigBill » Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:08 am

It seems the ammo is selling a a very fast rate and in most popualr calibers its drying up as we speak. Its getting harder to find certain calibers now. Is the affordable new ammo still being imported? :?:

I just read somewhere that we won't be seeing anymore south african 308 ball ammo. Since africa joined the european union they won't be exporting anymore ammo out of the country. Which makes me wonder how much more will we see the affordable new ammo being imported here? :?:

This really sucks because for the past decade or so shooting became affordable but it was short lived. Even the surplus ammo and reloading is more expensive now too. :n

The bottomline is we'll all be shooting less of the larger bore stuff and shooting more 22lr...... :r

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