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New guy!

Post by OMMEGA » Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:42 am

Not sure where to place this post, by I'll attempt to give some insight as to what I've discovered with regard to accurate reliable shooting:

If it's the needle that dose the sewing ....Then it's the bullet that dose the work of the gun!

Some things to consider when buying a gun are....The gun must fit you well enough to provide a natural as well as comfortable point of aim.

A clean bore that has been finished with a polymer car polish seems to work well and causes the least dynamic resistance to the bullet.

Test fire every cartridge brand you can find to establish the one that is the most accurate, and has the best reliability.
(frequency miss-match may also cause poor accuracy.)

25 and 250 yards for most 30 cal and 300 and 900 yards for the big 50 BMG's are numbers to remember.
The bullets will arch higher between those points, but should be dead on at both points listed.

Now you should be ready to ramp up for the next wave of asults on our right to keep and bare arms!

I'll share more about how to print one small hole later......
Your Bud,
The Bill of Rights, NOT the bill of needs!

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