Springfield XD-45 Comments

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Springfield XD-45 Comments

Post by paulownian » Tue Nov 28, 2006 7:42 pm

I've had my Xd-45 long enough to fire 700+ rounds through it. With the help from some extremely talented shooters at my local range, (Freedom Armory in Glen Rock, Pa.), I have been able to work out most of my shooting issues - grip, sighting, etc. What's left is the handgun itself. I have found the XD-45 to be an accurate, easy to handle, fun to shoot handgun. Recoil is minimal, feed is good, once broken in, it is a delight to fire. My one and only issue is with the sights. I wish I have gotten the Trijicon night sights right from the start. I shoot military style - with both eyes open. The Trijicon sights make all the difference. My original factory sights were off a bit on the rear sight causing my shots to group two inches to the left.

On another note, I got my concealed carry permit for Pa. The XD-45 seems to work fine with a shoulder holster under a coat. I'll probably need a smaller frame handgun when the weather warms up in the summer, though.
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