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Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 8:16 pm
by BigBill
I carried my Ruger Redhawks for years my 7 1/2" barrel and 5 1/2" barrels in stainless. I carried my 5 1/2" barreled redhawk on my bike at night. And i mainly carry my 7 1/2" barreled redhawk during the winter when longer coats are worn because the shoulder holster sticks past my regular clothes during the summer. On my bike at night i wear a shirt out of my pants to hide the shoulder holster under my leather jacket. I look forward to packin the ruger 500S&W MAG when they offer it and i hope its soon too.

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 8:21 pm
by norfdet
You must frequent some really tough biker bars.....

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 8:50 pm
1. CZ-83

2. Walther ppk (new manufacture is OK but I'd love a pre-68)

3. APK-9 (feg)

4. Ruger SAA .45 Birds head grip, stainless.

5. Perdesoli derringer

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 5:05 pm
by BigBill
norfdet wrote:You must frequent some really tough biker bars.....
Nope i'm a lone wolf, I'm into the fast, dependable, reliable bikes, i ride Japanese bikes.

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:29 pm
by Resgengus
It is really??

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 10:05 pm
by Splitter
Sig P232SL.....

Wish List

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 4:27 pm
by paulownian
My wish list only has one item:

Springfield XD45ACP.

Someone please tell Santa that I want it for Christmas. If he doesn't bring it, I'll have to get it myself.

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 6:29 pm
by Splitter
Sig P232SL

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 7:13 pm
by Splitter
...and a Sig P232SL


Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 8:13 pm
by paulownian
I get the notion that you like that 380.

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 10:17 pm
by Splitter
Been wanting one for eons. Had a deal at the Armory for one and had to use that money elsewhere. Had another deal very recently for a used one with NS, stainless, and 4 mags for $425...... Was EXTREMELY tempted to put that on my visa card... :???:


Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 8:11 am
by paulownian
My Uncle was a collector. He had quite a collection. One of the pistols that he would let me shoot when I was a kid was his 380. We would go out to the field next to the barn and he would let me shoot as much as I wanted. I have always thought about getting one for myself, but missed every opportunity. Maybe after I get my XD45 broken in, I'll go look at one.