Your favorite AR, who, what and why?

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Your favorite AR, who, what and why?

Post by JoeBuck@The-Armory » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:30 pm

So here is a topic that gets thrown around alot. What Ar15 or Ar10 for that matter is your favorite make , model style etc is your favorite and why? Lets try and stick with stuff youve physically had your hands on , shot and have a clear idea of its performance. Post pics and stats if you like.

Currently my favorite Ar15 in my lot is a Bushmaster XM177/CAR15 A1. Im a big fan of IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) weapons and gear. Ive got mine dolled up to look alot like one of the IDF CAR's complete with Zahal sling and forgrip wrap. Beyond that the weapon is stock Bushmaster and ruffly 2000 rounds in Im very pleased with the rifle. Now I know what some of you are gonna say. "A A1?! A CAR15?! I cant mount lasers and cowitnessed optics and all that." Well Uncle Joe is a bit old school when it comes to Ar15s. I love CARs, Xm177s, GAU15s, etc. If its a A1 or A2 Im all over it. I own 4 Ar15s and only 1 is a flat top upper.

That being said my lil Bushmaster (her callsign is LIL NOISY) is a sweet heart. She comes from the days of the pre Freedom Group/Bushmaster by out. She shoots clean, cool and accurate. Shes very loud and has a nasty muzzle flash due to her CAR flash hider, but honestly that makes the rile more dear to my heart. I love being on the firing line shooting and folks look at me like Im crazy with my loud nasty lil AR. Ill post up pics of her tonite.

Lemme know what yall think and whats your fav ARs? Post pics and such please!!

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Re: Your favorite AR, who, what and why?

Post by willgo » Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:43 pm

Okay Dave this looks like fun
I have an Eagle Arms M15 pre-ban A2 with removable Carry Handle, and Mid-length Forearm, with a .750 OD (non tapered barrel) having a 1:9 twist. If you are not familiar with Eagle Arms, it was formed in 1986 by Karl Lewis (of Lewis Machine and Tool) and Jim Glazier. By 1995, after being acquired once or twice by someone else, it became a division of Armalite and exists today.

I have put several thousand rounds (of various manufactures) through this rifle and it has never let me down. It digests both 55 grain FMJ and M855 62 grain (green tips) equally well. One of the caveats of a mid-length (as well as a full length) rifle is that there is less blowback debris entering the chamber area as opposed to a standard carbine. Even when using Wolf Military Classic ammo which seems a bit dirtier the chamber remains relatively clean after extensive firing.

One of the first things I did after purchasing this fine (yet relatively inexpensive) rifle was to get her dressed for the prom. I remove the carry handle giving me a flattop which allows me to use various sighting devises (scope, red do, etc.) at a lower plane then with the carry handle.
I removed the original forearm, adjustable butt stock, and pistol grip, and replaced them with a Magpul CTR (Combat Type Restricted) collapsible Butt Stock, a MOE Med-length Hand guard, and a MAD (Mission Adaptable) pistol grip with a battery holder inset. I also installed a Bayonet Lug rail for use of a bi-pod when needed, and a BAD (Battery Assist Device) lever.

I installed an XPS2-0 EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight, and a Flip-up Backup sight. All three sights (backup, EOTech, and military front sight) align perfectly with no need of the use of a riser. In addition I have a 5X magnifier to use with my EOTech to help these old eyes at longer ranges as my current setup is used primarily for CQC (out to 100 yards).

I have my front sight post set to strike -1.11” (that’s -1” as the .11 is meaningless) below the line of sight at 25 yards so that it is zeroed for 250 yards with 55 grain FMJ ammo, but raising or lowering the front sight post for 62 grain M855 ammo is a real pain in the rear for this old man, thus the need for a elevation adjustable rear backup sight for longer range iron sight shooting which is now on order.

Needless to say this little darling is my go to primary firearm. She is sweet, pretty, and accurate.
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Here is Little Sweetheart
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