Searching for a Lower Unit or Selling an Upper (Colt )

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Searching for a Lower Unit or Selling an Upper (Colt )

Post by SwampRat6 » Sun Feb 13, 2005 11:49 pm

I have a 1966 Colt upper.... I'm searching for a Lower unit of like Vintage ??? Or , I would consider selling , if there's someone out there who's interested.....Any assistance any one can throw my way , would be appreciated ... I'd like to find such an animal if they exist ????
My old girl is a M16A1 Carbine ------ light-barrel with an old "crows feet" at the point...Take Down Pin hole is bigger than Pivot Pin hole....
I'd appreciate your help !! Thanks !!

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Post by bmyk » Thu Oct 06, 2005 1:35 pm

If you check out the Equipment Exchange or Build it Yourself forums at I am sure you will find either the parts you are looking for or at least a buyer. I am also seeing people putting up posts about vintage / classic rifles. Good luck and I hope to see a pic posted when you finish the restoration if you go that route.

Thank you
Mike B


Post by marcw » Thu Nov 03, 2005 9:11 pm

Mike is right, check out the EE over on and look for a guy by the name of Colt653 because he is having new replicas of the old slab side lowers made up!

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