Yugo M48 Mausers from Mitchell

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Yugo M48 Mausers from Mitchell

Post by bill » Wed Jan 12, 2005 8:21 am

I've seen in Shotgun News where Mitchell is selling M48 Mausers, manufactured on Nazi equipment. Has anybody hear anything about them?

Villimus Rex

Jugo rifles

Post by Villimus Rex » Tue Jan 25, 2005 3:29 pm

Here is what you are most likely to fimd in todays market (Jugo mausers)
1. M1924, based upon the CZ m1924 short rifle, it differs from the Czech rifle in that has dual sling swivels, a very slightly shorter action like that in the M1910 Costa Rican mauser. It will have the the Jugo crest upon the top of the reciever ring
2. M1924/27. this is a post war rework of the m1924. The most obvious changes are as follows: only one set of sling swivels. The ones I have seen have also dispensed with the two barrel band retaining springs and use a single longer retaining spring.
3. m98/48. A very lightly warmed over German Kar98k. The reciever ring is usually ground clean and stamped with the jugo crest. The left side of the ring should have the rebuild factory's name stamped upon it and "/48" should be added to the "m98" just forward of the thumb slot.
4. M1948. A new rifle build on new JUGOSLAVIAN made rcievers. It follows the M1924 fairly closely and is NOT based upon the Kar98k. It uses the shorter action of the M1924 and differs from the M1924 in that it has a bent down bolt handle, one piece band retaining spring and a cup type butt plate. The stocks are (as per the U.S. Ag. Dept) made of either ash or elm, both very good stock woods and native to the Balkans unlike teak which is heavier, way more expensive and not to be found growing in Europe.
5. M1948A. Same as the M1948 only utilizing some sheet metal components instead of milled components. Most common are the trigger guard and floor plate assy and the barrel bands.
The idea that these rifles are build on German machinery is most probably erronous (exept for the M98/48, ei Kar98k). The Jugo made stocks are of the pattern set by the CZ M1924 which in turn served as the inspration for the Germans Kar98k. The Jugos may have used furniture (trigger guards, bands etc... )stripped from German rifles but these rifles are "Jugo" enough that I think the adveritisments put out by a certain company in it's effort to sell Jugo rifles is sort of fraudulent.

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Post by IZZY_T » Wed Jan 25, 2006 1:04 am

TRUE it is fraud.

But I'd rather have the very LAST in the Yugo millitary mausers, than a WARTIME German Muaser.

The Germans used 1030 series LOW CARBON steel, that was drop forged with heavy hammer like mechanisims. This allowed for a scale of carbon to be a hard outer skin, even in such a low quality steel that is otherwise impossible to harden. Essentialy they are only case hardened...

Thus Wermacht muasers are INFERIOR to ALLOY 98 mausers of commercial or late Yugoslavian production.

Many folks are expriancing "setback" (streaching) or cracking of recievers...but after 60 years this is a testament to German engineering a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Either way you should beable to find as good mauser Via the Armory for MUCH LESS than - Gimick Rip You a Hole- Mitchell.

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