Swiss k31 7,5mm

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Swiss k31 7,5mm

Post by BigBill » Fri May 19, 2006 8:54 pm

With the sales of the swiss k31's at an all time high the chance of finding affordable boxer primed new brass is slim to none now. The surplus swiss 7,5mm ammo isn't cheap either. I did find the lapua swiss brass at $30 for 20rds.

While i was looking for new swiss 7,5mm brass i realized it wasn't going to happen. Then i started looking for new boxer primed ammo and i found the 7,5mm swiss in priv-partizan(NNY) at Aim surplus for under $10 for 20rds and the new wolf gold in 7,5mm swiss(NNY) for $9 a box too for 20rds. I figured for under $10 a box i get to shoot it once then reload for it. All the priv-partizan ammo has "NNY" on the case rim.
Grafs did have new 7,5mm swiss brass in the priv-partizan brand buts its out of stock.

My point is with the sales of the swiss k31's at an all time high the ammo may not be around too long before it dries up too so if you need and want it you better move quickly. I think that $80 or $90 isn't bad for brand new 7,5mm ammo and 10 boxes to boot too.

Its funny the swiss rifles were the same as the swede mausers were years ago. The swede mausers were dirt cheap for many years because there was no 6,5x55 ammo to be found. It was the sameway for many years with the swiss rifle too and it kept many from buying them too. Its funny and odd how history repeats itself over and over again.

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