How can I find out what ammo is are corrosive?

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How can I find out what ammo is are corrosive?

Post by billg » Fri Oct 26, 2012 4:15 pm

Simple way of checking to see if the ammo is corrosive or noncorrosive is to use the old NRA test that I became aware of during the 80s when we had a large importation of Chinese ammo here is an example and photos.

Number one is M80 lake city known to be non-corrosive
Number two is the ammo in question you don't know whether it's corrosive or not
Number three is Russian in 1946 corrosive ammo

Day one and a corrosive ammo is already starting to rust look at the photograph all the way to the right a look. At the lower picture you can see where I left my fingerprint on the mild steel can and it's starting to rust

test day 1
Test-Day-1.jpg (27 KiB) Viewed 15517 times
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