Starting to reload??? Or thinking about it?

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Starting to reload??? Or thinking about it?

Post by BigBill » Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:07 pm

If your not reloading yet its time to start. Its time to shop smart for reloading equipment too. I have a RCBS rockchucker press since the 70's and i stopped reloading when we had a flood of surplus and new imported ammo. Now that things have gone sky high on new ammo and the surplus has dried up it time to dust off the reloading press again. I went looking for new dies for my military calibers and got sticker shock(rcbs). Then after doing some research i found out that the Lee Dies fit my RCBS press.

I wanted to test this out first so i purchased a set of Lee RGB dies in 308. I ran about 6k of 308 brass thru these dies without a hitch. I then took the plunge and purchased all the calibers i was missing so i can reload everything now if i have too. Lee also offers some awesome deals on reloading press kits too.

Its time to set up your reloading equipment now if you haven't already done it.

My next new thing to do is to do lead casting my own bullets too. Just to learn how to cast and size and lube them so i know how to do it.

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