We've come full circle now in my lifetime

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We've come full circle now in my lifetime

Post by BigBill » Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:21 am

I can remember when the military surplus ammo was expensive and much harder to find in the mid to late 70's.

Then around the mid 80's the flood gates opened up for importing the military surplus ammo in most calibers. Around the mid 90's we started seeing a new lower priced ammo being imported from the european countries. Life was good and shooting was cheap and affordable. The new imported ammo was so good and cheap why reload?

The BAD;
We started having ammo shortages which drove the prices like a roller coaster at times but we still could get it inbetween the spotty shortages. We still got by but it was getting harder at times. "late 90's"

The UGLY; It started with the surplus military ammo drying up and bigtime shortages that were still seeing today. Some of the new imported ammo is going sky high too that was once affordable. Most of the reloading supplies have gone sky high too if you can find any instock.

It seems we have gone full circle and its in my lifetime well in just a few decades. I never thought it would happen this fast.

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