Looters and scum

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Villimus Rex

Looters and scum

Post by Villimus Rex » Sun Sep 04, 2005 9:51 am

:( I have been watching the story of our Gulf Coast unfold over the last week. Terrible situation for all those productive citizens who have been beaten down and or wiped out. Our prayers should be with them all.
:evil: On the other hand alot of what I see and hear really twists my tail.
The Loud Mouthed Libs who are blaming Washington for not being Johny on the Spot; HAY where is the state gov't? The governor of La. and the mayor of New Orleans, why did they have nothing staged and ready to go before the storm hit? In Va. they call up the Guard before we get hit. And now that they(La. Goveror and New Orleans Mayor) have been caught with there pants at half mast they want to blame the President! I am not exactly a member of the Bush fan club but this is not his doing. Inside any given state, that state has the first responability for its people. It has been said often that poeple get the goverment they deserve. The Governor of La. seemed to be stunned and confused for at least two days after the storm and flooding, what great leadership!
I've not heard very much from Mississippi, they got smacked damn hard too. I believe they took more decisive action from the start. Could their Republican Governor have anything to do with that? Hmm.
Like I said before my heart goes out to the productive citizens who's live"s have been torn asunder (this include retired formerly productive people and disabled folks too) but this bunch of predatory vermin who prowl the streets looking for someone to rape or something to steal, these were in all likleyhood the "EATERS" who consume a large portion of the production of the productive class and give nothing in return. To them this terrible situation is merely a chance to take what they feel entitled to. Let me make a point here that the media seems to forget.

When those buisnesses and homes flooded and the owners left for high ground, that does not mean they no longer own those places. That is still private property and what may be left is still the fruit of their labour not that of the first "unter mensch" who breaks in the gate.
In 1906 when SanFrancisco was leveled by an earthquake thay initially had looting problems. Fortunately Americans were not so squeamish then. The police and maltia shot them (looters) down like rabid dogs. So ended the looting problem and the survivors could concentrait upon surviving and rebuilding.
Pehaps these vermin should be rounded up and shot, there is plenty of lumber to feed the funeral pyers.


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