GMU responds on regulation, but they have it wrong

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GMU responds on regulation, but they have it wrong

Post by Trey45 » Thu Aug 30, 2007 1:11 pm

Once again, taken in its entirety from the VCDL newsletter

2. GMU responds on regulation, but they have it wrong

Having 6,400 of you on VA-ALERT is a powerful tool. Unfortunately
for me, sometimes I get to be on the other end of that power! :-(

I received *hundreds* of emails sharing a response from Mr. Hubble
with George Mason University to VCDL's request to extend the
regulation comment period for their proposed gun ban.

Here is what Mr. Hubble wrote in a canned email to everyone:


"Please be advised that educational institutions of the Commonwealth
are exempt from the Administrative Process Act pursuant to
2.2-4002.A.6. of the Code of Virginia. University regulations are
instead adopted in conformity with the Virginia Register Act,
2.2-4100, et seq., of the Code of Virginia.

No public hearing is required. The proposed regulation appeared in
the August 6th Virginia Register of Regulations in conformity with
the Virginia Register Act."


**I'm not buying it.** Here is what he claims gives them the exemption:


§ 2.2-4002. Exemptions from chapter generally.

A. Although required to comply with § 2.2-4103 of the Virginia
Register Act (§ 2.2-4100 et seq.), the following agencies shall be
exempted from the provisions of this chapter, except to the extent
that they are specifically made subject to §§ 2.2-4024, 2.2-4030 and


6. Educational institutions operated by the Commonwealth, provided
that, with respect to § 2.2-4031, such educational institutions shall
be exempt from the publication requirements only with respect to
regulations that pertain to (i) their academic affairs, (ii) the
selection, tenure, promotion and disciplining of faculty and
employees, (iii) the selection of students, and (iv) rules of conduct
and disciplining ***of students.***


GMU's proposed regulation banning guns affects not only students and
employees, it affects the GENERAL PUBLIC, and THAT is NOT one of the
exceptions above!

I'm throwing up the yellow flag on this one.

The good news is that they are providing us more fodder for the next
General Assembly session; the bad news is we must continue the fight
to keep this from becoming a regulation.
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