VCDL speaking at Norfolk City Council this Tuesday 8/28

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VCDL speaking at Norfolk City Council this Tuesday 8/28

Post by Trey45 » Tue Aug 28, 2007 12:15 pm

1. VCDL speaking at Norfolk City Council this Tuesday 8/28 **We
need a good turnout**

VCDL will be addressing the Norfolk City Council over recent
harassment of gun owners by the Norfolk Police Department. TWO gun
owners were each harassed TWICE. One was told that the needless
handcuffing and harassment would continue each time the police saw
him open carrying!

Worse, one member, Chet Szymecki, who was attending a festival, was
actually arrested and charged under a newly passed, and totally
illegal ordinance. Chet's wife was told she would be arrested if she
attempted to film the arrest of her husband. She, along with 5 young
children, were escorted off the public property where the festival
was being held and left alone on a corner in downtown Norfolk, with
no car keys or way to get in touch with her husband.

This cannot be tolerated and VCDL needs a huge turnout to get the
message across!

In a related item, eagle-eyed member Richard Popkin noticed in
Norfolk's Jeff Robertson Park, a new sign with park regulations
appeared this past week. Among other text, the sign specifically
says, "It is prohibited to discharge or possess bows and arrows,
darts, firearms or knives with a blade over 3" long, except for law
enforcement officers or people with a permit." This is is perhaps
timed to coincide with the upcoming meeting ... maybe to draw some of
the attention away from the business at hand.

The meeting starts at 7 PM and is located at:

Norfolk City Hall
810 Union Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

Carry is legal in City Hall.
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