Why am I so nervous

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Why am I so nervous

Post by Trey45 » Sun Aug 26, 2007 5:06 pm

The following is from my friend Sonia Nusenbaum.

I am nervous. Could the reason be the Islamic plan for a parade on September 9, 2007 in New York? One to which Islamic terrorists and enabling organizations feel their right to march in the city and country attacked on 9/11 by Islamic terrorists? Why is the spawn of this terror informed ideology so tolerated by their very target? Why is this sense of entitlement to do bad things to our country, to other countries to the non-Moslem world so tolerated? Why are bookstore like B&N stacked with an anti-Israel propaganda book! Islamic/Socialist/Marxist political alignment books demonizing America and American efforts to self protect from jihadic States and ideology? Why so few book appearing among the stacks and stacks at B&Ns critical of or on analysis that confronts the menace of Islam on our shores - indeed - to our world?

Where are those books? Where hidden? And why? The preponderance of books are liberal bias including an anti-Semitic diatribe against the Jewish State of Israel titled "The Jewish Lobby" on prominent display ! Who is charged with displaying of such obvious political bias? And if no one is - why are those who do able to do so?

I think about Islamic States buying American infrastructure, unknown to the public at large of businesses such as cruise lines, department stores, and effective say in spectrums of public related institutions such as stock ownership in FOXNEWS, other media outlets. As well I suspect in book publishing, corporations (those who supply our public schools and private schools textbooks, maps and other teaching instruments), computer server AOL, and on and on.

Islamic States do not create - they buy out, buy into Western countries while simultaneously at work to destroy us. Also the buying into American universities, the infiltration of Islamic agents as professors and teachers, and on curricula determining boards. The practice of insinuating agenda into hosts of teaching academies.

Investing into America's infrastructure and financial interests sounds like a good thing. However, there is a far wider price being paid by America. Our soul as a democracy and the risk to American sovereignty.

There are hierarchic, vertical, horizontal and parallel strategies aimed at the Islamization of our country. The serving of Islamic interests under the rubric of Islamic religious and political dictate which are merged as one and as such diametrically opposite to that of Western democracy! Its as though the very vestiture of Islamic mullacracy is entrenching on our soil. What does anyone think the "Khalil Gibran International Academy" given the machinations ongoing in American public schools and higher education institutions, our colleges and universities, by Islamic organizational interests believe is intended?

Processes in efforts that work toward eviscerating our democracy include the immigration of Moslems from African countries that we do not normally think of as Moslems as certainly posing threat! Not as part of a larger religion based interest that seeks population hegemony. The insidiousness of targeting American born Blacks to gain converts for Islam has been ongoing for decades. Yet the larger significance of this phenomenon eludes America! This strategy is central to putting in place cadres who are turned against the host country, the United States, while in fact loyal to Islamic handlers and Islamic dictate. Such cadres are strategic in the implementation of Islamic ambition.

The targeting of specific populations, their indoctrination, their conversion as spawn in non-Moslem countries is a practice many born to, educated in democracy appear to somehow ignore. Whether effected by the desensitization through Islamic cohort activism, or failure of leaders with enough vision and courage to confront the challenge of alien invaders, one has to wonder at one point will the visceral threat be at such level in which ignoring Islam's war against us is no longer an option!

We see Islamic jihadic activism, strategy effected in Belgium, England, France the Scandinavian countries among hosts of others. A failure of resistance to the insinuation of Shar'ia and the Islamization thus far in Europe. What about America? Why is what is happening in our midst ignored - and in some cases - furthered as in the establishment of a madrassah, Islamic indoctrination and training of young minds in infidelphobia in Brooklyn, New York? Why the toleration of jihadic strategy in our midst?

Indeed, what about America? What about us?

Importantly, steps are taken so that Moslems are not necessarily identifiable to us as Moslems. That is, if we see someone in Islamic head dress we can pretty much gauge who they are. However, Moslems and Moslems converts are instructed to not look Islamic in non-Islamic countries in the furtherance of their cause. And to not arouse suspicion. Is every Moslem working at Barnes and Noble, or as tellers in banks or in the food industry from grocery stores to restaurants, or the ubiquitous newspaper stands and store fronts, cab drivers? I don't know. But I do suspect there is a carrying forward jihad according to a religion that sees itself as the only religion entitled to exist! AND is heavily invested in accruement of arms, recruitment, and influence wielding to its agenda of usurping democracy for purpose of installing Caliphate rule over everything!

Infidelphobia and dhimmi law need be in our everyday language towards understanding how we are at risk.
And the essential of reducing that risk even if entirely eliminating it is not possible is not an option.
I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children's children, because I don't think children should be having sex.

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