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TAC 16

Post by scottc » Fri Oct 21, 2005 10:10 am

There are many brands of noise suppressors available on the market. They differ in price, composition, level of suppression, the way they attach to the gun and they way they operate, ie wet or dry. I recently bought Tactical Innovation's TACT-16 suppressor designed for .223/5.56 for my AR-15. Tactical Innovations is a relative newcomer to the market, but I have to admit I was very impressed with the performance thus far.

At about six inches long the TAC-16 is not too large for a CQB weapon or a full-size AR-15. Due to its all steel construction it is a little heavy, but I was impressed with the way my AR-15 felt, it was not too barrel heavy for comfortable shooting.

Taking it to the outdoor range in Virginia Beach, it was about 75 degrees and humid, having been raining off and on for the previous few days. At fifty yards the accuracy actually increased with my goupings staying at about 4 to 5 inches while rapid firing. I noticed the suppressor acted as a significant muzzle break keeping me on target allowing for quicker follow on shots.

What most people want to know is how quiet the darn thing is. Well I took my plugs out of my ears and gave it a whirl. WOW!!! As quiet as a .22 short. There was no report from the rifle, all there was a sonic crack down range. I was impressed. So very impressed.

But the best part of this all was the price. Right now the prices on the TAC-16 suppressor is very affordable as far as suppressors go. It is also rated for full auto, so if you have your M-16 you are ready for a full auto experience. Word from someone else who also has this suppressor as well as a M-16, he said this rate of fire actually increased.

Right now Tactical innovations has two suppressors on the market, one for .223/5.56 and one for .22LR.

Come by the store and check them out.

Scott Cohen

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