Are you in possession of a ill legal machine gun ?

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Are you in possession of a ill legal machine gun ?

Post by billg » Thu Dec 30, 2004 12:05 pm

Are you in possession of the ill legal machine gun and don't know it? :roll: If you bought parts kit from Inter Ordinance you could have an illegal machine gun according to ATF. The following article is from a North Carolina newspaper.
MONROE, N.C. -- A pair of gun-trading brothers face federal charges of illegally importing Russian and Soviet-made machine guns and selling thousands of the weapons across the country.

Oliver and Ulrich Wiegand are charged in an 83-count indictment with crimes including conspiracy, illegal importation of machine guns, illegal possession and transfer of machine guns, and money laundering.

Oliver, 37, and Ulrich, 34, are brothers and German nationals, federal authorities said Thursday. They operate Inter Ordnance, a gun dealership based in Monroe; the charges involve Inter Ordnance and businesses in Witten, Germany, and Ferlach, Austria.

The Wiegands, both of Indian Trail, "reaped a substantial financial profit" from the sales and used the money to "support their extravagant personal lifestyles," according to a federal grand jury indictment issued Tuesday and unsealed Thursday.

Charges against each brother carry maximum penalties totaling 960 years in prison.

"The illegal importation, possession, and transfer of fully automatic machine guns pose a serious risk to law enforcement and other citizens," said U.S. Attorney Bob Conrad.

(If this true then there are going to be a lot gun owners in jail in very short order)

Ulrich Wiegand was held after an appearance Thursday before a federal magistrate in Charlotte. Oliver Wiegand was believed to be out of the country.

"My client and his company have tried their best to comply with vague ATF guidelines," Oliver Wiegand's lawyer, Chris Fialko, said. "He denies any wrongdoing."

Ulrich Wiegand's attorney could not be reached for comment.

The indictment alleges the brothers concealed the illegal sales of machine guns by referring to them as "parts kits" -- allowing them to evade tax payments, record-keeping requirements, and required background checks of potential customers.

Prosecutors said the brothers used their German and Austrian businesses to illegally import the guns, then sold more than 3,500 of them in parts kits by mail and Internet without background checks or recording ownership registration.

The indictment said the firearms were sold to customers in South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Arkansas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.

But, Fialko said, "The trade groups representing importers of destroyed gun parts kits for gun collectors have been for years asking for clearer guidelines as to how these guns should be cut up properly."

"It appears the ATF has decided to legislate by indictment, instead of issuing proper regulations," he said. "This will be a contest of expert witnesses at trial."

Ulrich Wiegand is also accused of directing Inter Ordnance employees to structure cash deposits into various bank accounts in amounts less than $10,000 to avoid reporting requirements.

The brothers used Inter Ordnance bank accounts to transfer funds to various international accounts to conceal and disguise the company's profits, the indictment said.

Inter Ordnance's Web site tells customers it is a wholesale firearms distributor. The site offers items for sale including weapons and military gear such as a Belgian gas mask and reproductions of German World War II boots and helmets.

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Post by RickL » Sun Jan 09, 2005 10:09 pm

Color me curious, but I'm wondering how two "German nationals" got a FFL in the first place.

Standard for making a parts kit from a full auto gun means torch cutting the receiver into 3 pieces; the article doesn't seem to specify what they did or did not do.

Interesting to see how this turns out; just like the Stewart case.


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Post by servemebeer » Sat Feb 12, 2005 1:28 pm

I mean, just scandalous. Im wondering how these cats got thier licenses too. Looks like they'll be doin time either way. It never pays, anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Villimus Rex

Post by Villimus Rex » Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:13 am

The only time I ever worry about someone possessing weapons is when they work for the government and carry a tin badge.

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Post by BigBill » Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:22 pm

I still see a company offering the G3 triggers with the semi auto/full auto options. I know better than to buy it.

Talk about machine guns i often wonder about the ww2 bring backs. I'm sure there are BAR's, '41 Johnson's and Thompsons out there to this day tucked away in a closet or attic. Bill

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