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New on the Shelves as of April 2, 2009

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:50 pm
by Marie
Well, haven't really had much to talk about lately - as soon as it gets here it's gone or we haven't been able to find much of anything. Just wanted to let folks know about a big lot of consignments that came in. Looks like some really nice things came in. We got a Colt MKIV Series 80 pistol in 38 Super that he wants $895.00 for. It does have a CMore sight and 4 magazines with it. There is a Colt Python with a Tasco Red Dot sight and mount that's going for $900.00. I do know we have a few Python collectors out there :) There's a nice little SW Top Break hammerless revolver in 38 S&W that's going for $155.00 too. There are two nice reproduction revolvers; an 1875 in 45 Colt and an 1851 Navy in .36, both going for $260.00 each. He has a Browning Auto VI in 22 LR going for $575.00 in nice shape. There's an Olympic Arms Plinker that's tricked out with a Tasco Pro Sight and a laser that he wants $600.00 for. The others include a Benelli Super 90, a Winchester M03, Ruger M77 (308), Weatherby Mark V in 300 Wby Mag, another Weatherby Mark V in 240 Wby Mag, a Golden Eagle M7000 in 7mm Rem and a Century L1A1 in 308. All look to be in nice shape. It'll take me a while to get them tagged up and out on the shelf but if you don't see one ask and we'll get them out for you. Marie