New on the Shelves as of Nov 9, 2008

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New on the Shelves as of Nov 9, 2008

Post by Marie » Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:53 am

Well, I'd like to have a few new things to report but looks like we're pretty empty right now and haven't even had time to restock much of anything. The Benellis are out on the shelf and the few Olympics we finally got in are just about gone before they even hit the shelves. I put 2 consignment Cetme's out on the shelf and one is already gone. The one that is left has a wooden foregrip. Got a few little Mini Revolvers in from North American Arms with the XS night sights with 22LR/22Mag cylinders. The WASR-10s with the bayonets are just about gone too. We did get a bunch of Fobus and Galco holsters in and will try to have them hung up and available soon. We do have a nice Sites Spectre pistol in 9mm with two mags on consignment going for about $1000.00. We do have one Rem PSS rifle 308 still in stock as of now, before we've opened on Sunday. I have a Legacy Puma Lever action rifle in 357 MAG with a large loop that came in brand new this week. Rock River Arms actually had a few stripper lower receivers that they could ship us so we have a limited quantity of those as well. The Aero Precision lowers are going very fast. That should be it for now. Marie

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Post by mattcrane » Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:12 pm

Thanks for the updates!

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