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New on the Shelves as of Oct. 25, 2008

Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:40 am
by Marie
Well, having a hard time keeping up with customers buying stuff! Mainly restocking items we usually carry such as Glocks and stuff. Did get in a couple of the nice little Heritage "Rough Rider" revolvers in 22 LR and 22 Mag. We've gotten in some of the LE Benelli shotguns but no invoice as yet so still waiting to put them on the shelf. Consignments slowed down a little this week so all we've got in new is a very nice (slightly used) Ruger Single Six SS in 22 LR/22 MAG.

We did get in a shipment of German 308 ammo which comes 500 rounds loose in an ammo can. That runs $219.95 for the can. We also got in some very nice German Sniper scopes, Hensoldt-Fero Z24s (Carl Zeiss took over their optics line). They're running $349.95. Aero Precision makes some nice AP15 receivers for the AR-15 in multi caliber, they're running $124.95 each.

We got more of the Hungarian AK mags, Used on sale for $10.99. These are in decent shape, selling lots of them on the internet.

On another note, we got in some of the NEW Federal 4473 forms if you're interested in looking at one. We must start using them by November 15th so you'll be seeing them soon enough. It's a whole booklet now with three pages to fill out and more for instructions.

If we get in anything really exciting I'll let you know.