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New on the Shelves as of Oct. 18, 2008

Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:12 am
by Marie
Well, I guess it should be New Old stuff on the shelves this week. We've got two beautiful Colt pistols on consignment this week. The first one is a Colt 1911 National Match with the original box, owner wants $7000.00 for it. NOT A TYPO. He's also got a Colt Ace pistol, 22 LR, commerical edition with original box and 4 mags for $3500.00. Again NOT A TYPO.
Then for the more modest pocketbooks, a used American Gun SxS shotgun ($120.00), Remington Sportmaster 341 for $125.00, a Marlin Glenfield "Golden 50" 22 LR for $75.00. We also got a couple more shotguns and a Marlin 30-30. We've gotten most of our stocking LE order from Beretta but no invoice as yet so they haven't hit the shelves yet. There are Beretta Storm Carbines and pistols in 9mm and 40SW, a couple of 90-Two pistols in 9 and 40 and plenty of the 92FS pistols in 9mm. We did finally get in some Aguila 38 Super ammo but if you need some of that you'd better act fast. It's selling quite well by the case and box in both the store and on the internet.