New on the Shelves as of June 7, 2006

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New on the Shelves as of June 7, 2006

Post by Marie » Wed Jun 07, 2006 2:09 pm

Well, we've still got a pretty good selection of Oly rifles on the shelf despite selling almost all we had over the weekend at the Hampton Show. We got some K-16s in this week and a few Plinkers too. Finally got some more of the Polish P64 pistols (9x18) back in stock. Got a bunch of Sig P226 Certified Pre-Owned in 9mm in great shape. We also have plenty of Kel Tec P3ATs in stock. Sig sent us one of our orders from the Shot Show - a couple of Sig P239s in 40 S&W and one in 9mm with night sights. We do have a very nice Heckler & Koch M91 in 308 on consignment. Owner wants a reasonable $2500.00 for it. We also have a nice Walther P22 with the 5" barrel on consignment going for $250.00. It's in nice shape with the box and all. Wonder of wonders, Springfield finally sent us a 1911 pistol from our January stocking dealer order! It's the PX9105ML in green, or in other words, the Operator with a rail.

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Post by scottc » Wed Jun 07, 2006 4:26 pm

Like Marie said we sold out of Olys at the show but we were very lucky and oly came through for us. We just received a bunch more, besides the the Plinkers, we also received a K3B, a couple of 20" K4B models and a few more M4s. Once again these move fast, and I mean fast so if you are in the market for an AR-15 at an excellent price come in while the getting is good.

In fact I just picked one of the M4A2s up today for myself.

See you soon.


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