Brady Center shoots themselves in the foot.

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Brady Center shoots themselves in the foot.

Post by billg » Tue Jan 04, 2005 1:01 pm

Dennis Hennigan from the Brady Center made a startling admission during oral argument in San Francisco on December 2, 2004, admitting that "crime guns" are not used to commit crimes.

Gun control litigators, such as Hennigan, have maintained for years that only "crime guns" are traced and "crime guns" are always used to commit crime. (The term "crime gun" is used as a term of art by ATF in order to justify its policy of "comprehensive tracing" which is illegal under a plain reading of the law.)
Now for the first time, gun control litigation's leading light has admitted that "crime guns" are not used to commit crimes. In fact, it is now known that about 1 in 10 guns permanently recorded in ATF's computers through the tracing processare guns used to commit crimes.

Ironically, the Brady Center has been forced to make this admission because of facts established in cases filed by the Brady Center. The only way this information has come to light has been to force the city plaintiffs' in the municipal cases, by court order, to turn over police files and then match them up with ATF traces. Actual police files prove that the vast majority of traced guns are, for example, guns taken from a lawful owner after a domestic call, guns found during the execution of warrants and vehicle searches, guns turned in to police in "buy backs" and the like. Hennigan's admission was made before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in the California consolidated municipal cases. His admission shows just how successful the defendants have been in undermining claims made by gun control litigators. More work remains to be done.

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Post by IZZY_T » Thu Feb 09, 2006 1:00 pm

hmmm, so the liars posing for the Socialist movement (both right and left) got fingered.

Too bad the majority of "americana" will not hear about it.

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