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Walther P38 9mm military issue


Very good to like new condition, matching serial numbers, this is a P38, not the cheaper copy P1 that everybody is trying to pass o

Very good to new condition, matching serial numbers, this is a P38, not the cheaper copy P1 that everybody is trying to pass off as the P38 (there is no such animal as the P38/P1 it's either a P38 or P1).  Includes a new cleaning kit, new holster and two mags.   

The Walther P38 pistols were manufactured from 1957 to 1963 and can easily be identified by the P38 on the left-hand side of the slide.

The Walter P38 has been in production from 1938 to 1963. From 1945 to 1957 no P38s were produced for the German military.  After the suppression of the Hungarian and East German uprising in the early 50s by the Russians, Russia posed the major threat to peace in Europe and the world. Accordingly, there grew a pragmatic de­sire to rebuild West Germany’s military so that it could shoulder some of the burden for its own defense. Walther retooled for new P38 production since no military firearms produc­tion had occurred in Germany since the end of the war, but Walther had been preparing all along for the time when a renewed German army would again seek high-quality firearms. When the Bundeswehr announced it wanted the P38 for its official handgun, Walther was ready. Using wartime pistols as models, and with new engineering drawings and machine tools, Walther was able to resume P 38 production within two years, a remarkable achievement. The first of the new P38s were delivered to the West German military in June 1957, some 17 years and two months after the pistol had initially seen action in World War II. From 1957 to 1963 the P38 was again the standard Sidearm for the German military. In late 1963 the postwar military model P1 was adopted for use by the German military and is still used today, and can be easily identified by the P1 stamping on the slide.


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