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Glock G34 9mm Practical/Tactical


GLOCK G34 9mm Practical/Tactical

The latest 9x19 is the new model GLOCK 34. This new model is a competition pistol when used in IPSC stock gun class, and it will fit inside the IDPA box.  Also since it has the length and balance of a service pistol, it will double as a tactical pistol.








 Safe Action System

Length (slide)

  8.15 in.           207 mm

Height 2)

  5.43 in.           138 mm


  1.18 in.             30 mm

Length between sights 3)

  7.56 in.           192 mm

Barrel length

  5.32 in.           135 mm

Barrel rifling

right, hexagonal

Length of twist

9.84 in.             250 mm

Magazine capacity 4)

10 / 17 / 19 (31)

Mass (weight)


Empty without magazine

22.92 oz.           650 g

Empty magazine

  2.75 oz.              78 g

Full magazine 5)

  9.87 oz.            280 g

Trigger pull (std)

~4.5   lbs            ~2 kg

Trigger travel for discharge 6)

  0.5 in.12,5 mm

Number of safeties



1) C: Compensated
2) Includes magazine and sight
3) With sight rear 6.5

4) Check local law and regulations.l
5) Depending on the used ammunition
6) Includes
trigger safety

"Safe Action" System

The GLOCK pistol's Safe Action trigger system offers you several very distinct benefits over conventional trigger systems. First, you can choose from several trigger pulls. Second, the trigger is the one and only operative control. Third, is the smooth and consistent pull you feel every time you squeeze the trigger. It makes training much easier because each and every shot feels exactly the same. It also makes a firearm safe.


Three Safeties

GLOCK pistols have three independent and automatic safeties. As the trigger is pulled they sequentially disengage, and as the pistol fires and the trigger returns to its forward position, they re-engage. The combination of the trigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safety make the GLOCK the safest pistol on the market.


GLOCKs have about 50% fewer components than conventional handguns of these calibers. The GLOCK 17, for example, has only 33 parts. A couple of pins. No screws. So there are fewer parts to break. And you can break down and reassemble any GLOCK pistol with one simple tool. That's all there is to it.

High-Impact Resistant Polymer

The frame on a GLOCK handgun is made out of a synthetic that is actually stronger than steel, yet 86% lighter. It's virtually indestructible. A GLOCK pistol can withstand temperatures ranging from -40C (-40 F) to +70C (+158 F) and still come out firing.

Tenifer Process

The metal components on a GLOCK are practically indestructable. That's because they're finished with a unique surface treatment called Tenifer that makes those parts virtually as hard as a diamond. It is even more corrosion resistant than stainless steel.


GLOCK handguns are designed with a grip angle that's so comfortable, so natural, it complements your instinctive shooting abilities. This ergonomic design features a superb bore axis and weight distribution to ensure a controlled shot, even under the most adverse conditions. Plus, the special polymer frame, of which the grip is an integral part, results in a much softer recoil than that of conventional guns, which only adds to your control. The unique GLOCK barrel features hammer-forged rifling for increased velocity and even greater accuracy. With a GLOCK's consistent trigger pull and excellent point ability, there's a very good chance you'll be hitting your targets for a long, long time.


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G34 Aug 3, 2009 John Cottingham Suffolk VA US
  I bought this firearm due to the rising cost of 45ACP ammo. The very first time I used it was to qualify on an IDPA shoot. It performed wonderfully. Being... more...
Glock-34/9mm Nov 26, 2006 Gerry G. Lim Egg Harbor Township Ne US
  The Glock-34/9mm is undoubtedly, the most accurate tactical handgun I have ever handled. Anybody who has shot the Glock-17/9mm, and has enjoyed it in... more...
G34 Mar 20, 2006 marc mook sewickley pa US
  Good Gun. Excellent beginners gun for shooting comps. Good pricing. to big to carry. Very comfotable to shoot. Good sighting, with the adjustable rear... more...

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