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7.62x54r 148 gr FMJ Bulgarian 880 Rd Case

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More Details - 7.62x54r 148 gr FMJ Bulgarian 880 Rd Case

Surplus Bulgarian 7.62 x54R 147 gr FMJ [880 Rd Case]

Surplus 7.62x54R ammunition manufactured in Bulgaria in the 70s. Exceptional condition, you can hardly tell this is 40 year old ammo!


This 880 round case includes the original wooden crate, two sealed spam cans, and a can opener. Perfect for long term storage.


This light ball 7.62x54R is perfect for your Dragunovs, PSLs, and soft shooting in Mosin Nagants & variants.


·        7.62x54R 148 Grain

·        Full Metal Jacketed Steel Core

·        Berdan Primed

·        Copper Washed Steel Case

·        Made in Bulgaria in the 70s

·        880rds per case / 440rds per tin / 20 rds per pack

·        Can opener included when a case or two tins are purchased ONLY.



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