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Springfield Armory XD9 9mm, BiTone, SubCompact XD

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More Details - Springfield Armory XD9 9mm, BiTone, SubCompact XD

Springfield Armory XD-9

Springfield Armory XD-9

Compact 9mm Power


Springfield Armory XD-9, subcompact is ideal for carry. Small and compact, but easy to shoot, this pistol gives you the best of both worlds. Quickly gaining a reputation for reliability and accuracy, Springfield Armory XD pistols have a loyal following. Backed by an industry leading lifetime guarantee, your XD will be on the firing line for years to come.


Made of high-tech polymer, the frames are light, but extremely durable. What sets this pistol above the others is one word, Ergonomics. The grip angle is natural for most shooter, this pistol wants to shoot, pointing right on target.


The XD comes in blued or stainless steel.


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