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M48 Yugoslavian Mauser, 8mm4101368

Like condition (very nice deep original blueing, bolts & receivers match, stock may have some storage wear) Sharp, clean rifling in the barrel. Rifles come with bayonet, bayonet belt carrier, sling, cleaning kit, ammo pouch and cleaning rod. Preduzece (in cyrillic) 44 marking.
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Mosin Nagant M44 Rife 7.62 x54R Russianrusm44exc

OUT OF STOCK!!!--- Russian Model 1944 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R Carbine. Very Good to Excellent Condition, bought in crates, unissued and covered in light oil. Bolt and receiver serial numbers match! These mosin nagant M44 carbines were squirrel away in a Russian bunker as wartime reserves. They were refinished by the USSR to a RFI (Ready For Issue) condition in case of World War III. And come complete with everything a Russian soldier would need to maintain them (Includes bayonet, sling, oiler, ammo pouch and cleaning kit). This is the incredible bargain.
Tangent Rear Sight
5rd magazine well
20.4” Bbl length
40” Overall.
Includes bayonet, sling, oiler, ammo pouch and cleaning kit.

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New Lake City Mil-Spec 223 (5.56) Brass 500 RdsNLC556BRASS500

This is new Lake City Mil-Spec .223 (5.56) Brass, uncrimped, unprimed, annealed case neck, NATO Spec, direct from the US Lake City Arsenal. Headstamped LC 09 with the NATO cross. We were able to find some excess stock, so we have a very limited quantity of this brass at a great price.  New brass, never loaded, unprimed and perfect to create a super accurate load. This is unprimed brass, top tier brass, not loaded ammunition.

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