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 7.62mm Tokarev Ammo for Sale

As a Russian bottle-necked pistol cartridge, the 7.62x25mm Tokarev was widely used in former Soviet satellite states, including China and Pakistan. Although largely replaced by the 9x18mm Makarov in Russia, the Tokarev round is an enhanced version of the 7.63x25mm Mauser. This round is great for Tokarev collectors!


  • Buy This 7.62 Tokarev 85 gr FMJ Wolf Gold Ammo for Sale
    7.62 Tokarev 85 gr FMJ Wolf Gold Box (50 rds)G7.62TOKFMJ1

    Wolf Gold 85gr FMJ, Brass-cased, Boxer Primer, Copper Jacket, Non-corrosive, reloadable ammo. 50 round box.


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  • Buy This 7.62mm Tokarev 85gr FMJ Ammo for Sale
    7.62mm Tokarev 85gr FMJ (Box 50rds)PP-R7.0BX

    PPU 7.62mm Tokarev for your Tokarev pistol and other 7.62mm Tokarev firearms! NEW Manufacture, NOT surplus.

    | 85gr Full Metal Jacket | Velocity: 1722fps | Energy: 560Ft-lb | Non Corrosive | Box 50rds | NEW MANUFACTURE |

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