7.62mm Tokarev Ammo for Sale


Buy This 7.62mm Tokarev 85gr FMJ Ammo for Sale
7.62mm Tokarev 85gr FMJ (Box 50rds)PP-R7.0BX

PPU 7.62mm Tokarev for your Tokarev pistol and other 7.62mm Tokarev firearms! NEW Manufacture, NOT surplus.

| 85gr Full Metal Jacket | Velocity: 1722fps | Energy: 560Ft-lb | Non Corrosive | Box 50rds | NEW MANUFACTURE |

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Buy This 7.62 Tokarev 85 gr FMJ Wolf Gold Ammo for Sale
7.62 Tokarev 85 gr FMJ Wolf Gold Box (50 rds)wolfgold762tokbox

Wolf Gold 85gr FMJ, Brass-cased, Boxer Primer, Copper Jacket, Non-corrosive, reloadable ammo. 50 round box.


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