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New Sig Mosquito (5/5) Mar 17, 2014 James West Monroe GA US
  I have read on the net all of the supposed problems with the mosquito. I noticed the following comments: bought the pistol and went directly to the range without cleaning first ( and you wonder why it is a 'jamomatic'!) and the famous "I have never had one but..." so, why are you even commenting?

I read the owners manual first, then disassembled and cleaned the pistol per the owners manual, use only high-quality, high-velocity ammo ( owners manual does not mention any particular brand ), clean pistol after each use and so far I haven't had a lick of trouble. Is it a match quality firearm? No, but it is fun.
Puzzling (3/5) Mar 11, 2013 John Cassidy Novi MI US
  Have two Mosquitos, one for me and one for my daughter. Still in break-in period for both, trying all sorts of ammo. All high velocity or hyperV. So far, the Remington golden 40gr are the winners. Almost zero issues. For the heck of it, tried 2 clips of 40gr Thunderbolts yesterday. Expected problems, and not one misfire or ejection issue. CCI 36gr HP not perfect by any means. About one in ten don't eject or reload to the chamber properly. Got some CCI Velocitors coming next week. Maybe the 40gr bullet is key. Biggest problems? Surprising, but Winchester SuperX HyperV 40gr HP. Can't get three in a row to fire. Switching clips, alternating bullets, etc. in both guns to see what works best. These things are really a puzzle, but when they work they are really fun to shoot.
After 1st outing w Mosquito (3/5) Mar 15, 2012 Theresa Lamb OLIVE BRANCH MS US
  Love the feel, style etc of this weapon; wanted something for cheaper practice as my weapon of choice is my Glock 19. I did have some isuses with FTF, FTE using bulk .22LR Winchester. Will relubricate and I am going to get the CCI Mini Mags recommended & hope that clears up those issues. I called Wal-Mart sporting goods dept and they do carry the CCI brand and it's just a little more expensive than the Federal and Winchester 550 and 555 boxes.
sig mosquito (5/5) Oct 21, 2011 Gerard F Bilodeau Belfast Ma US
  I went to buy a walter p-22 but then saw the sig and compared them side to side and the sig won out.more substancial,better grip and same price.
question (3/5) Aug 30, 2011 josh wennebrg Clovis Ne US
  I have read most of the reviews and i havent found one that has said anything about the supressor that comes with it for this special can anyone shed some light on that...

i.e. tactical innovations TAC-65 silencer
My Sig Mosquito (5/5) Feb 15, 2011 KetchupHammer CA
  My first gun, and so far I have put about 1700 rounds through it. CCI mini mags are the way to go for this gun. Tried a box of remingtom 333 and still have about 250 left as this gun doesn't like them at all.FTF, FTE etc. Did find a decent, cheaper alternative in Federal Champions(blue/black box). The bullet weight and muzz velocity (36gr/1260fps) are the same and I have had hardly any problems with them. Also came with one metal mag and one plastic(?). My model is a sport version and as such has the extension set screwed on the barrel. This seems like not such a good idea and does actually loosen up when firing but it does not seem to affect the accuracy or function of the gun at all. All in all a fun gun to shoot and I have brought my wife and 12 yr old daughter to shoot with me and it fits their hands very well. Lotsa fun or great for practice. sooner or later I will upgrade to something with a larger caliber and I'm thinking it will be a Sig.
Sig Mosquito (4/5) Jun 27, 2010 Roy Darrington Sacramento CA US
  I took possession of my Mosquito last week and took it to the range today for the first time. I've read all the reviews and the owners card about using CCI Mini-Mags for at least the first 500, but those rounds are about as easy to find as hens teeth. So, I broke in the action by cycling it at least 1,000 times, manually, then checking it over for any bits of metal that might have broken loose. There were a few really small pieces.
Performance at the range was good. This is the first 22 cal Semi auto I've shot in years. I had a brick of Remington 22 LR Golden Bullets to shoot. I had 2 misfires (reloading the round got it fired the second time), about 12 FE issues, and no FF issues at all. Accuracy was acceptable, hand held, at 10 yds. The stock sight printed all of my shots about 2 inches low at that range but replacing it was fairly simple and solved that problem. Overall, first impression, I'm very happy with my purchase. The DA trigger pull is not acceptable to me (not as smooth as I like it) but SA trigger pull was crisp if a little heavy for my tastes.
Feels Right (5/5) Dec 22, 2009 Johnny Munk Woodland Hills CA US
  I just purchased a Sig Mosquito,and I pick it up in a week.CA gun laws you have to wait ten days before pick up.The mosquito fit my hand perfect and I like everything about it so far.When I pick it up and go to the gun range .I will write a new review.I hope its all good and 5 stars!!!!
Great 'Little' Pistol (4/5) Dec 4, 2009 Nikolaus M. Albuquerque Ne US
  The Mosquito is a semi-auto pistol based on the Sig P226. It is 90% the size of the P226 and chambered for .22lr. It has received a lot of bad press on the internet, some of which is warranted, most of which is not. Many of the problems described by owners refer to earlier models that had some issues. Sig has made corrections to the pistol since then that fixed most of the complaints. However, as several people have mentioned, it still has issues with some types of ammo.

Simply put, because of the weight and design of the pistol, lower power 22lr rounds have trouble cycling the slide. I have tried out several types (including some bulk federal), and have had very, very few problems in general, although the problems I did have were with the low power rounds. When using CCI minimags the pistol has performed flawlessly.

The only other complaint I have is with the trigger. The single action pull is fine, but the double action is both long, heavy, and not particularly smooth. However, I donít consider this a problem. When out target shooting or plinking you will always be racking the slide to chamber the first round, and the hammer is re-cocked after every fire. A bad double-action trigger becomes an issue with a defense weapon, where you would be required to quickly draw and fire it without racking the slide. Frankly, if you are planning on using a .22lr pistol (that isnít even a compact model) for self defense, you probably have other problems to worry about...

On the positive side, the pistol feels great. It fits my hand comfortable, and has a nice weight to it, making it a good practice gun - especially if you have one if its bigger brothers (like the P226). It isnít the most accurate .22 I have ever fired, but it certainly isnít bad. It is only very marginally less accurate than the Ruger MKIII.

When I bought my Mosquito I was interested in a .22 pistol with a threaded barrel to fit a suppressor. After some research I decided that the Tac 65 was probably the best .22 can on the market for the money. There are really only two .22 pistols that have a readily available variant with a threaded barrel. One is the Walther P22 and the other is the Mosquito. Since I was far more interested in the suppressor than in concealment, the Mosquito seemed like the natural choice (the P22 is a VERY small pistol).

If you are interested in purchasing a Mosquito with a Tac 65 (and are willing to go through the process of obtaining an NFA Tax Stamp), then The Armory is probably the best deal you can find. You get the pistol with the threaded barrel, the Tac 65 suppressor, and the required thread conversion attachment at the cheapest price I could find. All of their Mosquitos are brand new, so you donít have to worry about getting any of the more problematic, older versions. They are also really great to work with. I was paranoid about getting an old model, but they were nice enough to send me an email with the serial number form the pistol so that I could verify it was new. They offered to ship the pistol first, so I wouldnít have to wait for the suppressor transfer paperwork. And they even called and offered some great advice when they finally shipped the suppressor with the best approach for getting the required tax stamp. Although I give the pistol a 4 Star rating, I easily give The Armory itself 5 Stars for their outstanding and friendly customer service.
Great little gun (5/5) Nov 9, 2009 Carlos Tellechea miami fl US
  Just purchased a Sig Mosquito over the weekend and took it to the range after a good cleaning. Misfired several cartridges, I took it apart and put in the optional spring it came with, shot three hundred rounds without another problem. Changed the front sight and I was shooting a nice group @ 10 yards. Sure would have liked it to come with another clip!

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