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HHH (5/5) May 9, 2012 Hugh Hanrahan Albany Ne US
  This is excellent 30 carbine ammo, it is powerful, hard hitting and accurate. This ammo also burns clean. I highly recommend this ammo to anyone who owns a USGI M1 carbine.
Inland M1 CArbine (4/5) Sep 7, 2006 Mike Sanders Green Bay Wi US
  I have an Inland M1 carbine with a 8-43 barrel and I have fired about 100 rounds of S & B. My 10 shot group fired from slow prone at 100 yards measures 3 1/2". I'm sure the carbine could do better at bench rest with younger eyes, mine are 50 years old. Extraction is positive with the cases thrown to my 5 o'clock about 5' - 6'. The S & B shoots better than the LC ammo out of my carbine. I chronograph eight rounds from 1833 fps to 1936 fps with the average velocity at 1907 fps. The S & B functioned well in my rifle that I bought several more boxes.
M1 Carbine (Plainfield) (1/5) Apr 18, 2006 Rick Currie cumming ga US
  I have recently purchased a 'Plainfield M1 Carbine' rifle along with some Sellier & Bellot 30 Carbine FMJ ammo. It turns out that the S&B ammo is ‘too hot’ for my gun, because the casings expand too much causing it to get stuck in the chamber which in turn broke the extractor after about 15 rnds. I also found that the operating slide was traveling too far back causing it to bang into the receiver.

I can't speak for USGI M1 Carbines or other firearms chambered for this round, but as far as the Plainfield M1's are concerned the S&B ammo is not suitable.

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